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Multi-Sport Courts

We Design & Build One-Of-A-Kind Multi-Sport Courts

When your kids are young, you have no way of knowing what sports and activities they will ultimately grow to love. Therefore, it makes sense to expose them to as many different games and sports as possible, so they can determine which sport(s) they enjoy the most.
Multi-Sports Court

Your Very Own Backyard Multi-Sport Game Court

A multi-purpose sport court from Colorado Dream Courts provides you with the perfect environment for all sport needs, as the fun isn't exclusive to basketball players. Colorado Dream Courts can play host to games like volleyball, roller hockey, badminton, mini tennis, pickle ball, and a host of other sports. Furthermore, you will find your favorite games to play on your Colorado Dream Courts are the ones that you and your children invent during the countless hours of free play.
Multi-Sports Court
With a wide variety of line options and accessories, Colorado Dream Courts allows customers to design and create an entire athletic complex in their own backyard or facility. Our customers can work directly with our in-house design staff  to create the multi-sport game court of their dreams.
Interlocking Court Tiles in yellow, blue, and red

Benefits Of Court Tile

Low maintenance. Court tile can be easily cleaned with a hose or leaf blower.
Backed by a 15 year warranty!
Flat, uniform surface provides true ball response.
Up to 50% cooler than concrete and asphalt surfaces.
Unmatched durability that will stand up to the harsh weather conditions of Colorado!
Available in any combination of 17 colors.
Completely customizable. Add your own game lines, designs and logos.
Suspended surface provides forgiveness for players’ lower backs, knees and joints.